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Lake Rotoma is one of the many lakes in the Rotorua District. At 10.8 sq km it is the forth largest, marginally bigger than Okataina. It has its own watershed, and exceeds 85 meters at its deepest. The area enjoys a climate more closely aligned to the coastal Bay than to the more inland Rotorua lakes.
It provides a variety of fishing methods and is open all year around, except for 2 small strips of beach which close from July through September - spawning season.
The lake partially sustains its own population of Rainbow trout, and is supplemented with bi-annual releases of fingerlings in the autumn and spring.
Of special interest to anglers is the hatchery breeding of Brown/Brook crosses, known as Tiger trout. These have been exclusively released into Rotoma over a number of years, and provide a unique challenge for the determined angler. Check out one fisherman's take on the Tiger.

Fishing is good all year round. Deep trolling and jigging in the warm summer months when the water temperature exceeds 20*C. In the autumn and early winter the fish are aggressively feeding in preparation for spawning and this is when shallower fishing methods and flyfishing come into their own. Later in the year is notable for the smelt spawning and insect hatch . Harling in these conditions is particularly productive, as is flyfishing in the shallows with floating lines.

The property here at Merge includes a small stream which is one of only two which runs into the Lake. The stream attracts large numbers of pre-spawning trout in the autumn and winter which can make for exciting flyfishing from the front corner of the property.

All in all, Rotoma provides year round fishing opportunities and plenty of reward. It is in close proximity to both Lakes Rotoiti and Okataina, which are renowned for their trophy fish. The location also offers excellent access to flyfishing opportunities in the rivers of the Eastern Bay - Upper Tarawera, Rangitaiki (Whirinaki, Horomanga), and Whakatane.

Guiding services are locally available.

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